Walkies and Woofs

We love stocking Hounds of Eden products as they are beautifully made, with fantastic attention to detail. They also fit really well too!

You can find our full range here – Hounds of Eden – Walkies and Woofs

Amongst other products, we stock both Hounds of Eden harnesses and collars and want to make sure that that you find the perfect fit to ensure that your dog comfortable and safe.

Hounds Of Eden Gold Harness Image7 1

Below is the Hounds of Eden bespoke size guide, which will help you fit the products for your dog. If you are looking to purchase a harness, using a tape measure, measure your dog’s neck and chest dimensions in centimetres. For a collar, you need neck measurements only. Make sure that you leave a two-finger width between your dog and the tape.

If you need any help or have any questions, please get in touch.

Hounds Of Eden Size Guide Image1