Walkies and Woofs

Finding great fitting products for your dogs is not easy, but we love stocking Doodlebone products as they have done a lot of the hard work for you.

Doodlebone have measured over 300 different dogs of all breeds shapes and sizes to allow them to create a super helpful sizing guide. The result of this is improved fit and a size that will suit pretty much any type of dog; short, tall, long, big and small.

Step by step guide to finding the right harness

Step 1 – Measure your dog

Firstly, the most important thing to do is to measure your dog’s neck girth and breast girth with a tape measure. You can then use the tables below to find out which size will best fit them. The image below gives you an guide on where you should be measuring – number 1 is the neck girth and number 2 is the breast girth.

Doodlebone Size Guide Image1

Step 2 – Review the different styles of harness available and our recommendations

We sell a number of different harness styles, but we find that the Doodlebone Originals harnesses are very popular and fit well. They are lightweight, practical, and easy to put on your dog to keep them safe and secure. They are also designed to take the stress away from a dog’s neck and are easily adjustable.

The Doodlebone Originals is made from strong material to ensure durability and is machine washable at 30 degrees.

Doodlebone Size Guide Image9
Doodlebone Originals Harness

Step 3 – Find the perfect fit

Below you can find the size you require for the Doodlebone Originals harness, based on your dogs measurements. We clearly mark the size when you are making your purchasing decision on our website.

As a rough guide, based on your dog’s breed. the below chart will give you a steer on the size you need. However, we always recommend measuring your dog as every dog is different in shape and size!

Doodlebone Size Guide Image8
Doodlebone Size Guide Image7

Step 4 – Make your purchase

Once you have found the perfect harness, simply make your purchase with us online. For every harness we have matching leads and collars, so why not treat your pooch to the full set for ultimate style. quality and comfort!

If for whatever reason your product doesn’t fit, or you are unhappy with it, providing its in perfect condition we will swap or return it for you.

Step 5 – Enjoy your product and its lifetime guarantee

Finally, all Doodlebone products come with a lifetime guarantee – yes, that’s right! The Doodlebone products are designed to last and wear well, and they are so confident in their quality, so they offer a no quibble money back guarantee if you some reason the product breaks or the stitching comes loose. This obviously doesn’t extend to cover normal wear and tear.

Any issues, questions about sizing or advice, please do get in touch with us.