Walkies and Woofs

Choosing a Doodlebone Collar is straightforward, however we advise that you measure your dogs neck in advance, to ensure that you find the right size to comfortably fit them and keep your dog safe.

The Doodlebone Collars are available in 3 different sizes – size 1-2, size 3-6 and size 6-11. As the sizes increase, the width of the collar also increases. All the collars are easy to adjust between the minimum and maximum dimensions.


The guide below also gives you a rough indication of the size you will need based on your dogs breed. This should be used as a guide only, as all dogs are different in size and shape.

Doodlebone Size Guide Image7 1

Doodlebone collars are made with strong Polyester webbing and reinforced stitching, which means it’s going to last the course. Machine-washable at 30 degrees makes it easy-peasy to clean if your dog likes to be a mucky pup, and the range of sizes has been thought through to fit any dog.

The Doodlebone design team measured over 300 dogs of all shapes and sizes to ensure a better fit for your dog and a size that will suit pretty much any type of dog; short, tall, long, big and small!

Finally, all Doodlebone products come with a lifetime guarantee – yes, that’s right! The Doodlebone products are designed to last and wear well, and they are so confident in their quality, so they offer a no quibble money back guarantee if you some reason the product breaks or the stitching comes loose. This obviously doesn’t extend to cover normal wear and tear.

Any issues, questions about sizing or advice, please do get in touch with us.