Walkies and Woofs

Bag and Boop produce 100% natural, award-winning dog grooming products, and we now sell their fantastic products on our website!! https://www.walkiesandwoofs.com/brand/bag-and-boop/

The Bag and Boop dog shampoo bars have been formulated to neutralise odours, moisturise the skin, condition the coat and relieve itchy skin and red spots. All whilst catering to your dog’s sensitive sense of smell. The cruelty-free natural ingredients used, result in a PH balanced, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, natural deodorising shampoo bar. The bars are available in 6 options, perfect for all pooches…. dogs with sensitive skin, poo rollers, and every wagging tail in-between. Each bar is handmade by Bag and Boop in their Cheshire kitchen.

Plus, we also sell the Bag and Boop plastic-free compostable dog poop bags! Plastic poop bags can take up to 1000 years to break down, and leave micro-plastics behind which pollute the soil, oceans and waterways. The Bag and Boop bags a made from renewable sources (corn starch) and adhere to strict European standards – within 12 weeks no more than 10% of the original material remains in pieces bigger than 2mm, along with zero contamination of the soil. These strict rules ensure that ZERO micro-plastics are left, just soil-enriching nutrients.

All the Bag and Boop products are a brilliant way to reduce your plastic paw print, whilst making your dog clean and smelling great!!

Shop the range now from the Walkies and Woofs website – https://www.walkiesandwoofs.com/brand/bag-and-boop/

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